45 Raised Garden Bed Ideas With Videos – The Complete List

If you have a beautiful, well – kept garden then one mode of gardening that you must try out is growing plants in raised garden beds (also called as garden boxes). Using raised garden beds has many benefits and is quite easy to follow through. This article brings you all the ideas and ways in which you can build your own raised garden beds, so read on and find out.

Why should I use raised garden beds?

Raised garden beds have several benefits that may prompt you to try them out in your garden.

  • They are easy to build and maintain
  • Soil compaction can be prevented
  • It prevents pests from attacking the plants
  • Good drainage is provided to the plants
  • They keep away pathway weeds
  • Soil erosion or washing away will be prevented because of the sides of the beds
  • Its raised platform allows the soil to be warmer even in cold seasons which would mean that one would be able to grow plants that are not of the cold season because of the warm temperature of the soil.
  • The warm soil also helps in extending the growing season of certain plants
  • Raised garden beds are also beneficial for the comfort of the gardeners. They reduce strain on the back because one would not have to bend as much. And if built in the right way the gardener can also sit at the edge of the bed while weeding or tending to the plants in any other way
  • Because the bottom is open it allows the roots to seep deep into the soil for more nutrients
  • They are available in numerous varieties
  • The structure of the raised beds allow for a loose soil composition which allow for good aeration and let the roots breathe
  • They help to maintain the health of the plants. Because of the loose soil, more moisture will be retained, the fertilizer will have a good effect and this will result of optimal and healthy results
  • Raised beds keep away contaminated soil. Some plants like greens and tomatoes take in heavy amounts of contamination present in the soil which can cause harm to the consumer. Raised garden beds will allow for you to bring in new soil which can be kept away from contamination
  • Raised beds are a great start for beginners. They are easy to navigate when tilling and planting. They may take up quite an investment but will prove to give a chance of a good turnout

All these aspects prove the one fact that raised garden beds are to be given a try. It will especially prove to be useful for those who are only just beginners. 

Things you need to consider before building the beds

Raised garden beds are a sort of permanent structure that once placed cannot and should not be moved for many reasons. This is why you need to plan a few aspects right before you begging building. 

The most important thing to plan is the location. Because you won’t be able to move your raised beds, you need to figure out where you will place them and if any reason may cause to want to move them. Location planning is very important.

The next aspect is to consider what type of bed you prefer to build: whether you want one big bed for all plants or several smaller beds that accommodate different plants. In order to be cost efficient it is better to build a big bed where you can plant companion plants.

The size of your raised beds matters. It is better to have longer beds than wider beds. Longer beds are easier to maintain whereas it is harder with wider ones.

The type of material you use will also affect your plants. Wood is used by most but you can also use concrete.

There are many ways in which you can build a raised garden bed. And they’re not all the same types of models either. Here they are:

#1 – Two – Tier Garden Bed

This garden bed has two tiers where there is a step – like structure. It comes in handy when you have plants that are both short and tall. The taller plants can go on the bottom tier and the short ones one top. This will ensure sufficient sunlight for all plants.

#2 – Cedar Garden Boxes

This traditional gardening bed will allow your planting to be very organized. They can be put against a fence which will be the best spot to place them in.

#3 – Bed with Raised Benches

This model, which bringing beauty, also aids the comfort of the gardener. The benches can be used to sit on or even place equipment that one needs. It has a good functionality aspect that will help the gardener.

#4 – Garden Enclosure

The enclosure consists of the beds and standing space to tend to the plants. The enclosure would keep away unwanted people and pests that may cause harm to the plants. 

#5 – Raised Bed Planter Stand

This can be used to plant flowers and will help in enhancing their beauty. It will come in use if you need to plant your flowers in a compact space. Their height is elevated which will help in reducing back strain.

#6 – Conventional Raised Garden Beds

This is especially for beginners since it is very easy to construct. It will require very less effort and materials and is bound to give good results.

#7 – Elevated Garden Bed

This bed is the conventional garden bed but with legs. It will make it even harder for pests to harm the plants and make it easier for you to tend to the plants as pulling out weeds would cause you much strain if the bed was placed at a lower height.

#8 – Pyramid Garden

It has many steps that you can grow various plants in. Since it is four sided, you can move around the pyramid to tend to the plants. The design takes up less space and can be placed on porches or in balconies.

#9 – Tiered Herb Garden

The design of the garden bed will add much beauty to your garden space and will make it easier for you to maintain an herb garden.

#10 – Garden Bed Tires

With garden beds you can get as creative as you want. This idea allows you to recycle old tyres to use them efficiently. The soil is poured into the tyre and the plants are grown inside.

#11 – Protected Garden Bed

This bed is the traditional bed but with an added aspect of placing a cover or a protective layer over the bed to avoid pests. It works well if your plants are prone to pests or if the dirt is that way.

#12 – Pallet Planter Bed

These beds are made out of pallets, a new type of material that you can choose to experiment with. The boxes are taller than usual.

#13 – Raised garden Bed with Benches

This is an efficient design wherein you can grow plants and add seating space to your lovely garden. Again, it will also help you in lessening the strain from weeding.

#14 – Raised Cement Block Beds

Another idea you can experiment with. The material is cost efficient and very simple to set up. You can try growing plants in this type of bed.

#15 – Herb Garden Dresser

Ever thought make – up and gardening would go together? Now you will. This dresser consists of steps where the herbs can be grown. This design adds immense beauty to its surroundings.

#16 – Raised Timber Beds

It is good to try and see which material you are more comfortable with. Timbre can also be taken into consideration. It is an easy process to follow through.

#17 – Elevated Mini Raised Garden Bed

It’s a raised garden beds but with legs and a miniature size of the normal one. For all the tiny plant lovers, this design can prove to be very useful and a beautiful addition to your garden.

#18 – U – Shaped Garden Bed

It proves efficient in terms of being able to take care of your plants. It will make it easier to plant set of plants in just one bed and tend to them.

#19 – Adjustable Raised Garden Bed

The pre – selected kit has a standard garden bed size which may not be the size requirement for everyone. In this design you can design the bed according to your dimensions with easy instructions that you can easily follow.

#20 – Reclaimed Wood Garden Beds

These garden beds help in recycling old wood that you have lying around at home. They can be turned over to be used to make the beds.

#21 – 4 X 4 Raised Garden Bed

This design allows you to have minimum space, useful for those who wish to grow a very little amount of plants as opposed to many of them.

#22 – Wheel Herb Garden Bed

A design to experiment with, the wheel herb garden can be used if you wish to bring a little style to your garden. It is an unconventional design and very appealing in its use and appearance.

#23 – $10 Garden Beds

If you’re one who’s on a limited budget, then these beds would work great for you. They are easy to build, strong in sustenance and beautiful in appearance. There’s practically no downside to them.

#24 – Raised Decorative Planter

It has a larger accommodating space to grow a variety of plants and has a beautiful design that you give your garden a charming look. Try it out and see for yourself!

#25 – 2 X 2 Garden Bed

This is an even smaller dimension of a planter. It is handy if you wish to grow a very small, limited number of plants and it occupies very little space as well.

#26 – Recycled Masonry Herb Garden

This is a unique design bound to start a conversation by visitors. It utilizes old masonry parts to build a garden bed design and the remaining space is filled with dirt. When the plants begin growing, the set – up looks even more beautiful.

#27 – Small Sized Elevated Raised Garden Bed

This bed is a smaller version of the conventional elevated garden bed. It allows for a smaller space to build plants if you have a small variety of plants that you want to grow and also if you want it to occupy lesser space.

#28 – Vegetable Raised Garden Beds

This bed is catering to the concept of growing your vegetables which is a very good idea to practice. They allow for various vegetable to be grown and don’t cost as much to build and maintain.

#29 – Natural Wood Bed

Tree limbs or twigs that are lying around can be used to frame a planter where you can grow your plants. It gives your garden a rustic vibe and you will also be putting to use all bio – degradable material.

#30 – Raised Garden Bed for Balcony

Any box can be used to be converted into a garden bed so that it can fit into your balcony for your comfort. It will allow you to grow plants even in a small space without any hassle.

#31 – Elevated Herb Planter

Herb planters are efficient, beautiful and useful. They take up little space and are even elevated so that it is easier to tend to them. They can be placed anywhere for your comfort and will provide you with fruitful results.

#32 – Box Planter

The work here needs to be put into building the box. The rest is just the usual work that goes into garden beds. These log box structures can be placed against your fence so that they look better and are highlighted.

#33 – Hoop Garden Bed

This garden bed is wonderful for protection against frost. You simply have to put the lid down and your plants are protected from the frost. It is a simple design with much use.

#34 – Square Foot Garden Bed

If you wish to grow a small garden, this is the best option for you. The bed is further divided into parts which allow you to plant certain vegetables in certain parts.

#35 – Dog Proof Garden Beds

This design protects the plants and the dirt from your dogs (if you have any) from digging up the soil from the beds. The elevated height helps in keeping the plants away from the reach of the dogs, thus protecting them.

#36 – Fenced Garden Bed

This design provides the most protection to your plants from pesky pests. Its wooden wall is high and on top of that, it has a fence guarding the plants.

#37 – Landscaping Timber Garden Bed

To add a little twist to your usual garden bed, landscaping timbers can instead be used to build the walls. They are inexpensive, easy to build and are pretty.

#38 – No Frills Garden Bed

If you aren’t equipped with enough carpentry skills, then this is the right choice for you. It has the most basic carpentry and requires not so much effort to build. It is square and is strong.

#39 – Sheet Metal Raised Beds

This design is very useful to grow out of season plants. The metal will keep the soil warm by retaining heat from the sun. Such a design can keep away the frost and keep the plants cosy and warm.

#40 – Herb Spiral

This quirky design will help in beautifying your garden immensely. It can easily be built out of simple materials and will be the focal point of your garden while also supplying you with fresh herbs.

#41 – Trough Gardens

Using animal feeders and turning them into garden beds in a new idea. It requires no assembly but however holes for drainage need to be drilled in at the bottom. These beds might require an extra supply of water in the summer.

#42 – Raised Bed Arbour

This allows you to grow your plants in an arbour or trellis than on a ground bed. It will help in keeping your vegetables cleaner and won’t take up as much space.

#43 – Tiered Raised Bed

It can support a variety of plants and will allow you to tend to the plant easily. It will also beautify your garden by becoming its focal point at almost no cost.

#44 – Garage Door Garden Bed

Anything can help you in your garden, really. If you will it, you can build it. This design serves as an example to that. Anything can be repurposed to be used in the garden.

#45 – Milk Crate Garden

As said before, anything can be used in the garden. A milk crate would serve as a mini garden bed for plants. These crates can be placed in home spaces such as the porch or your balcony. These would also provide easy drainage and aeration to the plants.

Any idea can be yours to experiment with. Gardening is an area to have fun and try out new techniques. You can pick out any idea from the list and give it a go. In the end, you will know which one is more compatible with your garden and its needs. So in order to get, we need you to get building.  Gardening beds have several upsides and they will beautify your garden. And we recommend that you try it out for yourself to know.

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