The Benefits of Hydroponics – The Ultimate List

Hydroponics is the newest advancement and perhaps, a rather extremely successful method in gardening. Many people have adopted this way of farming which is so simple that it can even be cultivated in your very own backyard garden. If you keep up with gardening trends actively, you may have heard of this method of cultivation and of its immense success.

Just to recollect, Hydroponics is where plants are grown without the medium of soil and only by submerging the roots in circulating water consisting of selective nutrients. Now, there are many reasons why this method is as successful as it is and what makes it so. And this article is here to detail exactly that for you to ponder upon.

What are the benefits of using Hydroponics?

Year round plant production

Hydroponics requires proper water circulation within the system and a large amount of light in order to grow well. And with the absence of soil, it becomes even easier to grow plants where ever and when ever. So there will be no need to stop reduction during any particular season but instead you can continue growing the crop all year long.

Indoor and Outdoor planting

A Hydroponics system can be set – up in any spot you find feasible. This means that it can either be placed outdoors or even indoors. The only concern that you will have to tend to would be that of light supply. When the system is set up outside, you can choose a spot that would provide adequate light to all the plants. But when the system is placed indoors, you will have to install light panels for each row separately to see to it that the plants receive light equally and equidistantly. But again, this is something that relies upon your preference and can easily be overcome.

Nutrient supply control

In a Hydroponic system, the water in the reservoir in mixed with nutrients that you know will be effective in that particular plant growth. So unlike in soil where the nutrients present are only supplied in addition to other provided nutrients, here you can pick and choose the nutrients at the beginning and ensure healthy and efficient plant growth.

Water conservation

With Hydroponics, the water is stored in a reservoir and the same is circulated to the plants for nutrient supply. What this does is it provides only the right amount of water to the plants and sees to it that there is no wastage or excess of water. So by using Hydroponics you will yield good crop while also conserving water.

High yield per area

When crops are manually planted in the soil, no matter how hard you try you will not be able to fit man crops in a given area. This may be due to various reasons such as avoiding competition among plants for water, sunlight etc, or to provide them with breathing space and other such reasons. But in Hydroponics you can fit in many plants in a single set – up and there won’t even be any problem. The plants will all receive the sunlight and water that they require and will also grow healthily.

Enhanced flavour

Because there is no soil, you will not be using any fertilizer to keep that soil intact. Usually what fertilizers do is that they end up providing nutrients to the leaves or other parts of the plants which will allow them to grow lusciously rather than the fruit and will also end up reducing the flavour in the fruit due to the nutrient diversion. But in Hydroponics, with the absence of soil, and no need of fertilizer, the plants all receive their nutrients exactly where they require them and will work towards the growing of ripe and flavourful crop.

Increased crop yield

Because the plants are well taken care of without any hassle, the growth in the plats will be increased. The crops will produce more yield than they usually would if they were planted in soil. This is because their nutrient needs are being more concentrated upon in a Hydroponics set – up and this results in an increased crop yield per cultivation.

Absence of pests and diseases

With the elimination of soil, you will also be eliminating all the diseases and pests that are soil borne and will harm the plant if due care is not given. But with Hydroponics, there will be no need to worry about such issues and the matter of such pests and diseases can be put to rest. However, not all is well. You still will have to take precautions for problems that may occur due to air borne pests or diseases. But such precautions can easily be taken.

No necessity for weeding

Weeds grow only when there is soil due to the rogue nutrients that lay in it. This will cause you to tend to the soil regularly so as to pluck out these weeds lest they compete with the crop for water, sunlight and nutrients. But Hydroponics ensures that there is no need for weeding as such rogue plants cannot grow by themselves in a Hydroponics set – up and hence you will not need to spend time on weeding.

Lessened chance of re – potting

The crops you cultivate will not be bound to the soil by roots. Some plants require re – potting every season so that the soil is freshly nourished with required nutrients. But a Hydroponics system has nutrients in abundant which will never run out. Because of this there is a very less chance of a plant having to be re – potted because there are no reduced nutrients.

Can be set up in any sunny spot

With Hydroponics the only aspect that you need to carefully take care of is that of light. Light supply is absolutely of importance and for this reason you must make sure that the Hydroponic system in a spot where there is adequate sunlight. Because of the way the system is it can be set up in any sunny spot such as your patio, or balcony or your rooftop. The plants will receive the light that they need without causing you any hassle and will easily settle for the spot that you place them in.

Efficient water use

A Hydroponics system will optimally use the water that it is supplied with until its nutrients die out or that water has been used to its full extent and needs to be changed. As stated before, it helps in water conservation. But along with that it also helps in using its water efficiently and optimally. With a Hydroponics system, the water will be put to good use and efficiency will be of priority.

Absence of soil

Because of the absence of soil, the plants are much lighter in terms of being bound to the soil and which will allow a more easy flow of nutrients into the plants. In various Hydroponics systems like a vertical one, the tube is much lighter and there is an easier flow of water to the plants. And as discussed before, this also reduces pests and diseases that are soil borne.

Optimal use of space

When there is so much space for the plants to occupy, you often want to use up as much of it as you can. In a hydroponic setting, the plants can be placed in such a way that they make complete use of the space allotted to them. Especially in a vertical Hydroponics system, this is more effective as the plants are stacked vertically which will allow for 2x the space use.

Compact design

A Hydroponic set – up is designed in such a way that it naturally takes up less space which them allows for more plants to be planted in it. In a vertical Hydroponic set – up especially, the tower in built in such a way that it takes up very little space and in turn has more space along its sides for plants. So this way, you will save a lot of space while also cultivating a larger amount of crop.

Reduced wastage

The water in the tube keeps in the tube itself which eliminates the occurrence of large wastage. The nutrients mixed into the water too are used efficiently and there is reduced wastage. This will allow for the well – being of the environment and will also take away some work load off your hands.

Automatic maintenance

The water in the reservoir that circulates itself in the tube makes sure to stay in the tube itself and in the reservoir. The system ensures that there is optimal usage of the nutrient induced water and because of the way the system is built, the system seldom gets dirty for you to clean it yourself. The constant circulation in the system allows for no stagnancy to lead to diseases in the plants or in their submergence. This ensures regular maintenance of the set – up and saves you some work.

A variety to choose from

A conventional Hydroponics set – up is the one most commonly used. But that does not mean that there aren’t other types of Hydroponics set – ups for you to choose from. There is always space for creativity and this has led in the building of various types of set – ups that cater to all kinds of needs. You can refer to our other articles to acquaint yourself with these various types of Hydroponics set – ups and according to your needs and preferences and feasibility, you can zero in on one that ticks all the boxes.

Fruitful investment

Investing in a Hydroponic set – up may just be the best thing you will do to upgrade your way of gardening. With all its benefits, this is just another added benefit that may drive you to invest in it, and do so rightfully. Though you will have to invest in other resources that the plants will need from time to time, it is nothing compared to the knowledge that you will soon yield healthy and successful crop that will be the best of its kind.

Control over climate

This is one thing you wouldn’t be able to do in conventional farming. Because it a machine set – up, it can also be set – up on a large scale indoors in such a way that you can control the humidity, the light supply, the temperature, the air composition and so on. And this will in turn allow you to grow the plants all year round because it will be you who will be controlling the season for the plants.

Effective use of nutrients

You will have complete control over the nutrients that will be supplied to the plants unlike where in the soil, the nutrients are already present. This will allow you to grow the plants according to your needs and in a controlled manner.

Control over pH levels

Because you control the water and its nutrients, you will also have complete access to its pH levels and you will be able to elevate and reduce them according to your plant needs when ever required.

Time and effort conservation

A hydroponics set – up, as we have read many times, completely eliminates soil. This in turn eliminates the need to cultivate the soil, to till, to fumigate, irrigate, and to weed the soil which means that quite a few steps are being cut down upon. This will save you both time and effort while also making sure that there is a healthy and optimal crop yield.


If you review all the facts well, you will know that if taken upon, Hydroponics is a really good field to work through. It can also be a stress reliever for you if you were to take it up as a hobby. A person with little green thumbs too can successfully grow Hydroponics if they were to carefully follow all requirements. There are many benefits to Hydroponics, as this article will tell you. And at the same time, there are a few downsides too. But they aren’t any that you can’t work through. So why don’t you try it out for yourself and witness the marvellous gardening advancement that is Hydroponics.

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