Benefits Of Snake Plants

Benefits Of Snake plants

Household Name: Mother-in-law’s tongue, Snake Plant, Viper’s Bowstring Hemp, Spikey Plant

Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata

Snake plants, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is plant that is a must-have in your home.  Adding a snake plant to your home or office is really a good decision. Keep reading to find 9 benefits of snake plants.  You’re going to soon want a snake plant for every room in your house (or office).

Removes Toxins

One of our favorite benefits of a snake plant is its ability to remove some of the pollutants in your air.  Not only does the Mother-inLaw’s Tongue plant remove CO2 from the air as other plants do, but it also removes other harmful substances.

These other harmful substances include benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.  These toxins are very harmful to humans and animals alike. They can cause cancer and cause many other health problems. 

To remove these harmful substances, make sure you have more than one snake plant in your home.  It would even be advisable to have one in each of your living areas and bedrooms.

This NASA experiment shows us that snake plants are an excellent choice for removing toxins due to their broad surface area on the leaves.

Absorbing all of these harmful toxins and substances helps greatly improve indoor air quality.  These air-purifying plants really should be your number one reason for considering adding this plant to your home or office.

Produces Oxygen

The snake plant has the ability to produce extra oxygen and release oxygen more abundantly than other pant types. Replacing more carbon dioxide with oxygen can have added value to your family’s health and wellness.  Oxygen-producing plants in our homes are valuable to our health.


Removes CO2 Even At Night

Removing and absorbing CO2 from the air while you sleep is a huge added benefit.  This happens because of the Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM plants), it is a certain type of photosynthesis.  Plants with this capability are often drought-tolerant and can often be thought of as cacti or succulents.  This happens because the plant’s stoma’s open at night. This helps to prevent precious water loss to them.

Snake Plants are Beautiful

Add a pleasing look to any room with a snake plant.  The green, pointy leaves add an aesthetic appeal. They are so pretty that they almost look artificial.  The variance between the shades of green each plant has is truly unique and special. Snake plants also come in all sizes.  You can buy them small or big and so if you have space for a small one, put it there. Likewise, you can get a mature one that would look great in a corner or by a couch or bed.

Perfect For a Busy Lifestyle

Snake plants are generally low maintenance.  This makes it the perfect addition to those families who are busy and can’t care for a plant that will require copious amounts of time.  If you forget to water it, no biggie it will thrive and bounce back. They really are one of the easiest plants to keep alive.

Great for Beginners

Snake plants make great gifts for the beginning plant enthusiast.  Because of all the many reasons above, these would make excellent house-warming gifts or a plant that even a child could care for.  Learning to care for a snake plant is easy and can be done by everyone from adults to the elderly.

Feng Shui

Since this plant is spikey, it is believed to be a good plant to have to help combat negative energy and negative chi. 

Help Reduce Allergies

Since snake plants (mother-in-law’s tongue) are so beneficial (absorbing harmful toxins, releasing extra oxygen, and absorbing carbon dioxide), you should see a reduction in allergies due to air-borne substances.

Perfect For the Office

We’ve covered why these plants are so perfect to have in your home.  Adding positive chi in your office, absorbing chemicals and toxins, and adding extra oxygen to your work environment are also crucial.  Grab a snake plant today to benefit from these hard-working plants when you are at work too!

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