Top 15 Benefits of Succulents

Trees and plants perform a crucial role in our lives. Not only for the ecosystem but also for our home they have abundance of advantages.

Among the numerous species of flora present on our planet, succulents are of unique value. Well succulents are those plants which have some or the other part of it fleshy and juicy. This because they are commonly found in arid and dry regions. 

So they have to store water in some of their parts for the process of photosynthesis and because of that the part which stores water becomes fleshy. Some succulents store water in their leaves and some in their stems. But each of the succulents has their unique benefits. 

The history of succulents goes way back to the pyramid periods. Mr.Rowley author of the book ‘History of Succulent Plants’ said that these succulents were mentioned in the Egyptian tombs, caves, paintings etc. 

The succulents are found in desert and have expanded to the tropical and the subtropical regions. They have also been mentioned in the manuscripts and were considered as the object of art. 

Other than objective art pieces succulents can do marvelous wonders in your life.

A Breath of Fresh Air

benefits of succulents

Just like the smell of the wet soil a breath of fresh air can lighten up your mood in this era of pollution. Succulents take up the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for the process of photosynthesis and release oxygen as the product of the process. And nothing is better than fresh oxygen which is rare to filter in this polluted environment. In the world where everyone is suffocated in some or the other way succulents act as a source of fresh air.

Adapts to Circumstances

Succulents have the ability to adapt changes very quickly. Coming from the arid regions they are likely to live with extensive sunlight and less water. But when bought to wet and humid climate they adapt themselves to the damp climate circumstances.

Even if there is no sunlight for few days succulents can survive. Storing water has never been an issue for these plants so scarcity of water will also not hamper its growth. For example cactus; they mostly live in the dry regions but when they are planted in humid or indoor climate they adapt to that type of environment.

The Healing Factor

apart from lifting up the mood succulents have the healing factor in them. Some succulents like the stone crops which are leafy succulents have the ability to lower high blood pressure. Just by eating its leaves in the right quantity can lower down the blood pressure.

Other than calming blood pressure succulents can cure sore throat, common cold and dry itchy skin. Succulents tend to release water which increases the humidity in the atmosphere which cures this disease. A research in University of Kansas has proven that succulents increase the pain tolerance capacity and aid in quick recovery of the patient.

The Strength of Increasing Concentration

Succulents come in different sizes, colours and shapes. From the thorny ones to ones with bright flowers; they tend to brighten up the room. The upbeat colours of the succulents increase the concentration and helps in focusing on your goals. Students can keep them on their desks which would help in enhancing memory. Succulents release water along with fresh air which clear ups the mind increasing the clarity of thoughts.

Medicinal Properties

There are many succulents which can be eaten and they have marvelous medical properties in them. One of them got highly famous in recent years. Pink dragon fruit with white pulp and little black seeds is tremendously rich in fiber and is low in calories. Also it is rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and calcium. And there are succulents which cannot be eaten but still when applied it does wonders. For example the pulp of aloe when applied to bruises it cures them, also  it is very beneficial for the skin problems like acne, hyper pigmentation and dry skin.

Interior Up-gradation – One of the best benefits of succulents

Succulents have wide range of shape, size and colors. In the history they were considered as the objects of art. Similarly succulents add vibrant color to your home and also act as a decorative piece for your interiors. For instance cactus can be wonderful centerpieces.

Highly affordable

As succulents are available everywhere they are comparatively economical than the other indoor plants. 

easy to look after

Succulents do not require high amount of sunlight or water so they are very easy to look after. Other plants need constant water and sunlight along with constant care or else they would dry up. But that’s not the case with succulents. You can go out of station and not worry about them drying up. You water them once and it can go on for 5 to 6 days.

Stress Free Plantation

These plants are very easy to multiply. We don’t need fussy roots or seeds to grow them. They are multiplied through the technique called vegetative propagation. In this method you directly cut the stem or the leaf of the plant and sow it in the mud. They will directly multiply from it. Not only that if you cut a leaf into half the other half of the leaf will still grow. Succulents are easy to handle and fuss free.

A Cool Gift

In this hyperactive generation succulents have proven to be a cool gift. They have benefits which other plants don’t have. Apart from having numerous benefits gifting a succulent will add a personal touch to the gift. It will show that you care for the person. Plus gifting a succulent will ensure that your gift is not lost or exchanged or left unattended.

Creative Usage

As they tend to grow in any climate they can be used in highly creative manner. From the showpiece at the coffee houses to the wall hangings, succulents can decorate the place with a very less effort. 

Can Be Eaten

If a proper care of succulents is taken they will bear fruits which can be consumed. These fruits are highly rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins like b1, b2, b6 and b12. Also some of them are packed with proteins.

Bye Bye Hangover

Succulents but to be specific cactus contains flavoring and phenolic which are very useful for medicinal purposes. Also they are high in vitamins and calcium which reduce inflammation in the body.

Weight Loss

These plants are highly rich in fiber and have a lot of water content in it. So if you consume less amount of succulents your stomach will still be full. Because of this you would eat less but will not be deprived from the necessary nutrients which are required by the body.

Fights Cancer

It has been observed that cactus leaf bears several antioxidants which ensure that the healthy cells are free from damaged radicals. The research in 2009 has shown that these leaves are helpful in prevention of breast, prostate, liver and colon cancer.


Thus with little care we can grow these beautiful plants. when grown indoor a succulent can benefit you in numerous ways from being a decorative piece to lifting up your mood. 

From providing vitamins to fighting deadly cancer cells succulents have tremendous qualities. Just imagine what a small plant can give you while you have to invest very less amount of time nurturing it. Succulents are easy to maintain and free of all the fussy procedure. 

These little plants can fill your home with vibrant colours and positive energy. Succulents have a great effect on our imagination because of their pretentious nature they appeal to us. Add on benefit of planting succulents in your garden is that it acts as barrier between the garden and the intruder. 

The spiny succulents have aggressive- defensive quality which makes them a good protector. Some of the succulents bear flower which are a very pretty sight. The echinocereus reichenbachii cactus is known for its splendid flowers. 

From the low mats of ice plants to the flashy sun blooming in the tropical, succulents have it all. Cherry on the cake is all of the benefits at a very affordable price. So go to your nearby nursery and bring back a succulent for you and your loved ones.

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