Best Air Pump For Hydroponics – Top 5 Pumps Reviewed

If you’ve read our previous articles or referred to any other information on the World Wide Web about the mesmerizing world of Hydroponics, then you know you hold a good amount of knowledge of the importance of having a good hydroponic pump for the well – working of your hydroponic set – up.

Just to refresh… what is Hydroponics?

It’s simple. It is a method by which plants are grown without the help of soil. So the plants either grow in nutrient infused water or moist air. Such a process requires the very important function of a pump that is fitted into the system to make it work. Our article on the importance and use of a water pump and how to select a good water pump will be extensively helpful to you if your interest lies in a solely water facilitated Hydroponic setup. However, if you’re more interested in using the assistance of air in your hydroponics, and would like to be acquainted with the how’s and why’s of it, then you’re already on the right article.

What is the requirement of an Air Pump in Hydroponics?

Again, it’s simple. Simple biology actually. In the photosynthesis process performed by plants, we know that the elements involved include water but, it also involves the other important element of oxygen. In a conventional Hydroponic set – up, the plants grow simply in water that has various nutrients coursing through them. But the problem is that not all plants can survive on this water alone, which is where the function of the air pump comes in. The pump helps in facilitating the water with more dissolved oxygen that will be beneficial to plant growth.

Is an Air Pump that necessary? Can’t I grow my plants on water alone?

Sorry to break it to ‘ya pal, but no you cannot. You see, this again depends upon the type of plant you’re growing. It is important that you know about your plants and their workings so that you can know for yourself whether an air pump is required or not. With certain plants, the roots of the plants being submerged in water for too long may cause the plant to drown in the water and die.

An air pump, by providing the water with the necessary oxygen dissolved in it, can help avoid this scenario. And an air pump is the easiest way to help produce oxygen for hydroponics. Not to mention, along with providing oxygen, the pump also keeps diseases and algae from growing in the water reservoir.

What do I look for in a pump?

Purchasing a good pump requires a good amount of thought and definitely some criteria. But what criteria?


It is better for your plants if they have a good amount of air to help them with their growth. The air in the tank creates bubbles which indicate the presence and circulation of oxygen. So the more the bubbles, the better the plant growth. A gallon of water would require a minimum of 1 watt of energy from the pump. And such a calculation will vary according to the amount of water. It would be a good idea to get a slightly bigger air pump in comparison to your reservoir in case of any future expansions that may cause you to buy another pump.


A nozzle can come in handy if you’re looking to expand your gardening set – up or if you even have a big number of plants to grow. Nozzles will do an job of splitting the air flow in the system without any hassle and a pump that facilitates this is beneficiary.


You want your pump to work well but you also want it to work longer. Be sure to select a pump with features that would ensure durability and prevent erosion of parts.


Nobody likes noise. Sure, you can try to ignore it for a while but then it gets to you and you wish you could do something. A pump with a lower volume of working noise will be beneficiary to your surroundings and to you if you get easily distracted while working.

Cost Effective

Since you’re investing in a good pump that will give you healthy plants, it is important to select one that will give you the best of features for the price it displays.

These basic criteria, when kept in mind, will help you choose a good pump that will be vastly beneficial to your plants.

Any recommendations…?

We have the 5 best air pump for hydroponics that you could look into to see if they fit your needs.

Active Aqua Air Pump:

best air pump for hydroponics

This pump has a compact design that makes it easy to fit and its plastic build make it lightweight which is helpful after installation. It is a quiet pump. Even though is it small, it has immense power to perform its functions. It has a range of outlet options to choose from. The pump provides a flow rate of 240 GPH. It has a wide range of applications, making it useful for all kinds of small set – ups. The pump also comes with a 1 year warranty and is available for purchase at a reasonable price.

EcoPlus Commercial Air Pump:

The pump has a wide range of GPH to choose from starting from 793 GPH to 3566 GPH. It has a powerful running function. However, it can be a little noisy. It comes with 6 outlets to use. If you require a powerful air pump, then the EcoPlus Air Pump is one to look into.

E G Danner 40524 Supreme Hydroponic Air Pump:

A fairly new pump on the market, however, it is proven to be able to provide the required air. It is quiet and energy efficient. It has a slightly costlier price but that is made up for by its performance, build and materials. The pump is of a light weight that allows easy installation and movement. It also comes with an air diffuser. However, it only has 1 outlet to use which may not be of use to you if you require multiple outlets, but this pump with its 1 outlet does a great job of pumping a good amount of air into the reservoir. Consider it a good investment if you choose to spend the bucks on this pump.

VicTsing Air Pump:

It comes packed with 2 Air stone and a 2 m silicone tube. It produces low noise, provides oil – free compressed pure air, and has regulating air valves that you can use to your requirement. It consumes low power and has a long, durable life with a stable performance. Its double – headed pumps and 2 vents can pump two set – ups at the same time. It is also light weight and portable and has multiple applications.

Toolsempire Commercial Air Pump:

This pump has a powerful electromagnetic motor can rotate 571 GPH. It is built of high – quality aluminium alloy and a cylinder and piston that prevent wear. It has an oil – free compressed pure air design. It comes with 6 outlets and one ¼ inch ID tubing. It also has a wide range of applications.

Selecting an air pump may be confusing, but we hope the above 5 give you a place to start. They may not be what you’re looking for but you’ll certainly know what you want once you look into them.

Whether your Hydroponics is for commercial purposes or just a simple hobby, it’s necessary to know how they work and what they require to work. We hope we’ve helped you with your search for the right kind of hydroponic air pump.

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