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Best Hydroponic Nutrients Money Can Buy

Hydroponics has many advantages leading to its widespread use however the best out of all of them is complete control over the growth and nutrition of your plants. Through hydroponics you decide the health and life cycle of your plants by simply manipulating the amount of nutrient mixture you provide to the plant. There are many nutrients available in the market, and we are here to help you find the best hydroponics nutrients. They have a wide range. These range from affordable to very expensive. If you just don’t want to invest too much into nutrients but also want to have products of good quality we have got your back.

All plants are not the same therefore, the amount and kind of nutrients that they require is also not the same. For this purpose, there are various types of nutrients and companies in the market with their own claims and prices. For you to choose the best for your plant and your style of gardening you would have to try a lot of nutrients and see which one works the best.

There are a lot of products available in the market, these products are hit and miss and most of them cater to somewhat specific sort of gardening and plants. So your best bet at getting the right product is to start off by buying smaller units and then by experience, deciding on the one. Once you find your perfect nutrient you can later, decide on the water to nutrients ratio and also invest in bigger units of the product.

You might be wondering how would I choose the best nutrients for my plant? And although there is no specific or accurate answer to this, one of the things that you could do to avoid rookie mistakes is research. Hydroponics is largely scientific and if you research carefully you might find the right product quite easily.

Since not all plants are the same, their need for nutrients might also not be the same. So to make sure that you have the right product you can first find out about the needs of the plant and find products accordingly. With this method there is a high probability of you finding the right product in even your first attempt.

Nutrients come in two forms: powdered and liquid. You could choose whatever suits your plant the best. It works differently for different plants so be sure of what you are using. Liquid nutrients work the best because they are already in the liquid form so it makes it easier to mix with water. Powdered Nutrients also dissolve in water but there is a chance of some precipitate of it being left behind which might cause problems.

Here is a list of nutrients, both liquid and powdered, which are trusted by many hydroponic gardeners and have a higher success rate as compared to its rate of failure. So you can be absolutely sure that you aren’t getting scammed, getting the right products and the absolute bang for your buck.

Aerogarden : Liquid Nutrients

best hydroponic nutrients

The aerogarden Liquid Nutrients are available in range of units based on sizes. However the most economically preferred is the one liter gallon which contains about thirty four fl oz. approx. of product. This is because the smaller three fluid ounce variants are comparatively more expensive. However as I mentioned previously if this your first time, you might want to first experiment with the smaller unit and then move on to the bigger one.

This nutrient contains nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, phosphate and potassium. All these together form the perfect nutrient mixture for your plant. All you have to do is mix this with water in your desired amount and see it work its magic on your plants. The one liter gallon costs you only thirty dollars and is going to last you at least seventy five uses.

Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro and Grow Pack

Advanced Nutrients-Grow-Micro-Bloom

For a more advanced nutrient mixture and step by step process the advanced Nutrients Bloom, micro and grow pack is just the right combo. Once you’ve got this you don’t need to worry about your plant health it basically does everything for you. This is a step by step process by which you can ensure maximum healthy yield. You get one liter each of all of the nutrient mixtures which gives you three liters worth of product for thirty dollars which is an absolute bargain.

This product is trusted and used by so many hydroponic gardeners who have been established in the field since so many years. Each of these play their roles at specific levels in the growth cycle of the plant. You can mix all of these together and add them whenever necessary. This is one of the best affordable and effective options available in the market.

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer

General Hydroponics Fertilizer- Grow Micro Bloom

The concept of these nutrients is same as the above nutrients. They also are additives to the step by step growth of your plant. The only major difference between the two is the product size/ quantity. In this combo each nutrient bottle contains one quart or approximately nine hundred and fifty milliliters of product.

You can opt for either of the brands, what suits your plants the best is what you should go for. The high contents of phosphorus, nitrogen and other minerals in this product enhances the essential oil content, nutrition and aroma in the plants. The Nutrients fulfil their purpose to the fullest. There is only so much you can do wrong once you use such a nutrient system. This ensures proper plant growth.

MasterBlend 4-18-38 Complete Combo Kit Fertilizer

Masterblend Complete Fertilizer Kit

This is a combo kit of powdered/ solid nutrients that you could make use of. It is a twelve and a half pound kit of three separate products each catering to specific needs of plants. It consists of one vegetable formula, which as its name suggests, can be used for vegetable crops. It also includes one calcium nitrate mix and one Epsom salt mix.

Each of these serve specific needs of the plants and hence need to be used accordingly. This entire trio costs you only 35 dollars which honestly is dirt cheap for a twelve and a half pound kit. Amazon always has sales going on so you can find it maybe for even cheaper. This kit might last you for more than 3 months so you know y’all going to save with this product.

General Hydroponics MaxiGro for Gardening

General Hydroponics Maxigrow-Maxibloom

Another one of the dry nutrients is the general hydroponics maxigro nutrients. These are concentrated nutrients which is a product that you can use even by itself. It is one of those uniquely curated products that don’t need any add ons, which is an added benefit. With most other nutrient mixtures you would need to add Epsom salt or some other supplement, however maxigro provides all the required nutrients to the plant by itself.

This product is available in the market for as low as 16 dollars for a two pound bag. All you have to do to use this product is to mix it with water with your desired level of concentration and it will work like a charm. There’s not much hassle because you are only mixing one product with water. It is easier to get used to this product because you can get the right quantity set without much trial and error. Since this is a stand alone product the growth of the plant starts off at a slower rate and then once it starts growing it grows with a much higher speed.

Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula

Fox Farm Liquid

This is another one of the three product combos. The fox farm liquid nutrients are well known and widely used. They have the same functioning as the other trios available in the market. You mix all of the three together and add it to the water reservoir whenever the concentration level drops. You pay 30 dollars for 3 pints weighing collectively four pounds.

These are also available in a bigger size if 32 ounces for 45 dollars. Another method that you could go for while using this product is to use Grow Big Hydro first, switch to tiger Bloom once you start spotting buds on the plant and you could continue using a mixture of the big Bloom with either of the two for the rest of the life cycle. Each plays specific roles in the growth. It is a great buy though it’s a little bit of an investment. Once you have your hand set with this product it is most profitable to go for the bigger size.

General Hydroponics GH5100 General Organics Go Box

This is a bundle that you must get your hands on if you know for a fact that the product works for your plants. This bundle is the absolute best for it’s price. It contains two sixteen fluid ounce bottles of Biothrive grow and biothrive bloom fertilizers and also eight fluid ounce bottles of supplements namely bioweed, bioroot, biobud, biomarine, diamond black and camg. So for forty six dollars you receive 78 fluid ounces worth of products which is such a bargain.

Each of the products are to be used at specific stages of the plant growth and it helps in growing the most well grown plants. Say goodbye to plants with stunted growth. Because with this product your plant will miss out on no nutrients or minerals. Individually a quart of each of the product mixes available in this bundle would cost 20 dollars whereas in the bundle you get the whole thing for less than 50 dollars.

This price point and the number of products available in the bundle make this the most affordable and efficient nutrient mix on this list. We saved the best for the last. Everyone who has used this bundle has only given good reviews, so this is probably your best bet when it comes to cost effectiveness and low price.

All of the above listed products are available on Amazon for the mentioned prices. You can get your hands on every one of then quite easily.

You might have observed that most of these are liquid nutrients this because of their very apparent upper hand over powdered nutrients. The amount of variety of liquid nutrients available in the market is much greater than the solid nutrients. Solid nutrients are not easily available and also are a little bit more difficult to use. So if you are beginner looking into hydroponics our suggestion would be to get acquainted with liquid nutrients from the very beginning as it might save you a lot of trouble in the future.

So which is the best Hydroponic Nutirent?

All of the above mentioned nutrients are good at what they do. All of them serve the purpose and are also economically friendly. Your pick should be based off of the kind of plant that you wish to grow. Every plant has specific needs of different minerals. For example some plant might need more of calcium and less of magnesium while some other might need more of magnesium and less of calcium. So find your best nutrient through scientific tests.

But if we were to name one, it would definitely be the General Hydroponics GH5100 General Organics Go Box as it provides a good blend of all the necessary nutrients. Once you have the right mixture set with this product you will never need another one. Choose wisely and get the perfect yield out of your Hydroponic garden.

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