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15 Most Rare Succulents & Where To Buy Them

With changing time the trends are also changing fast, no matter what it is everyone wants to be with the latest trends. The trendiest thing these days are succulents; the fleshy leaved plants which are low maintenance and look beautiful. Succulents have diverse variety which nowadays is not only a home décor but also has become party and wedding favorite décor item. These vibrant looking plants have very interesting and unique structures which add quirkiness to your garden or where ever they are planted.

These plants are drought resistant as they retain water in their fleshy thick leaves. They only need proper watering and sunlight to thrive. Though they are easy to maintain but every succulent has its own need which depends on where they are planted and how they are planted. Some succulents are planted indoor, some outdoor so accordingly some thrive in low sunlight and some in full some light.

The leaves of these plants have very different and interesting structures, some have long strings with banana, pickle or coin shaped leaves on the other hand some have pea shaped or heart shaped foliage. All plants are very interesting; here we have list down few rare succulents which are very fascinating.

Othonna capensis – One of the most Rare Succulents

rare succulents

Othonna capens is also known as ruby necklace, it is a long trailing succulent with small bean shaped leaves of different colors green, red and purple. This plant needs sunlight to thrive as low sunlight can make them raw-boned. It is called as a necklace because its leaves are weaved on the string like a ruby necklace.

This plant is drought resistant; it needs moist soil and over watering can rot the plant. For beautiful red color which is true healthy color of this plant; plant them in full sunlight and water them only when required. This native of Eastern Cape grows very fast so plant it in deep and wide pot so that they thrive well.

Pachyphytum compactum

This plant is also known as little jewels, it has pointed grayish green leaves. Panchyphytum compactum has beautiful veins near its edges which make it look like a gemstone therefore it is known as little jewel. This plant doesn’t need full sunlight and can easily thrive in shade.

It has thick fleshy leaves; these plants should be planted in fast draining soil. The flowers of this plant have beautiful orange color which blooms in winters.

Conophytum subglobosum

A native of southern cape, this plant is a slow growing plant and looks very unusual that’s why it has made it to the list of rare succulents. This plant has heap like structures of green color with dark green dots over it.

This is a stem less plant and grows daisy like flowers of white and light yellow color; the flowers bloom in the fall months, these flowers have very distinctive feature as its petals opens in the night and closes in the day time. They thrive in winter rain and none in summer season.

Ariocarpus trigonus

Ariocarpus trigonus also known as living rock cactus is native of mexico, this is a rare available plant. This plant have very late flowering; its flower are of white color which spread all over it in a circular manner. It has big dome like stem of yellowish brown color which has rosette of green pointed leaves over it. They need ample sunlight but if you are living in dry region then over sunlight can rot the plant. Water them only when required i.e. water when the soil becomes completely dry, you may not require watering them in winters.

Tephrocactus articulatus, Paper Spine Cactus

Paper Spine Cactus

Tephrocactus articulatus is also known as Paper Spine Cactus. This plant really tops the list of rare and unusual looking plant; this plant looks like it has landed from an alien world. It has long thick tubular structures which paper like spines all over it; that’s why it is known as paper spine cactus. The spines fall off but good news is that it grows back even faster. This plant is drought tolerant and needs direct sunlight to thrive; it has beautiful white flowers with yellow center. Paper Spine Cactus has very fast growth and easy maintenance.

Baseball Plant

rare succulents

This plants resembles a decorative baseball, that why it is called as a baseball plant. The size of this plant depends on its age as the diameter increases with it age, generally the diameter ranges from -16cm.

Baseball plant propagates very slowly and easily tolerates dry conditions, this plant is a flowering plant, and it has very small unnoticeable flowers which grow on the top. This plant thrives in partial shade or low light, this plant is either male or female and are of grayish green or purplish color.

Adromischus maculatus

Adromischus maculatus also known as Calico Hearts, it is a slow growing plants with oval leaves of green color with brown or purple border and dots all over the leave. This plant has tubular flowers of yellow color; it propagates through its leaves and grows very fast in spring months. These plants need watering but water them only when completely dry, they need partial sunlight to thrive. The height of this plant grows from 6-8 inches tall.

Echeveria x imbricata

Commonly known as Compton carousel, this plant looks very attractive as this plant forms a rosette with clump of leaves. These plants have pale green leaves with green stripes. These plants enjoy indirect sunlight, Compton carousel need well drained soil and lots of one time watering, they need water only when fully dried.  They are not very good with handling direct sunlight and may get burned so avoid direct sunlight and water frequently in summer season.

It has long flower stem with yellow and orange pretty flowers which goes up to 1 foot tall.

Mexican Hens And Chicks

This plant is also known as Topsy Turvy, it is a complex looking plant with rosette of grey green leaves. The leaves are very thick and fleshy and curving from the top and grow up to 5 inch tall. It has beautiful orange flowers to add to its uniqueness.

One needs to plant them in much drained soil and they need very less water to thrive. It is very low maintenance plant

Plover Eggs

Plover eggs also known as Adromischus cooperi, it is a evergreen plant which thrives in full sunlight. This plant grows up to 3 to 4 inch tall; plover egg is a clump forming plant with fleshy green color leaves with red speckles all over it. It is a flowering plant and flowers in summers; it has red color flowers which faces up and are very delicate.

Plants this succulent in a well drained soil, water well in summers and keep it dry in winters and rains.

Crinkle Leaf Plant

These plants have very thick and fleshy crinkled leaves of beautiful green color.The height of this plant goes up to 4-6 cm, these plant propagate through leaves.

They grow well in spring and needs to be watered only when required, they need partial shade to thrive. These plants need draining soil and grow very well outdoors and indoors if properly soiled, therefore this will be a nice addition to our dining table center.

Pebbled Tiger Jaws

Pebbles tiger jaw succulent has fleshy green ovate leaves with white speckle all over it. It has small white pointed structure on the edges which look like teeth.

It has large yellow color flowers which look like daisy. These need to be planted in well drained soil and thrives well in shade but while they bloom they need sufficient amount of direct sunlight. They need to be watered when the soil is dry, if they are deprived of water then they may die very soon.


Graptoveria is a beautiful succulent with wide variety that comprises of red Ives, ‘Debbi’ and ‘Fanfare. Graptoveria needs full sunlight to thrive well and most important is the morning sunlight. This plant has a rosette of fleshy grayish green leaves, and its basic requirement is same as any other succulent i.e. well drained soil and ample of water in summers, the point to remember here is that they don’t tolerate frost.

Aloe hawthoroides

This rare plant is one of my favorite; this plant is stem less and grows very fast. This plant has thin dark green pointed leaves which are covered with small white fuzzy spines. It has orange color flowers attached with long stalks, it requires well drained soil and ones needs to monitor the water requirement as it need not be over watered to see them thrive beautifully.

Haworthia cuspidata variegate

This two tone color plant is very easy to grow and low on maintenance. This plant has cream and green color thick fleshy leaves like most of the succulents. These leaves make a cluster, to form a closely knit rosette; this plant needs well drained soil and ample of air to thrive. One needs to water it when the when the soil is dry to touch, color of this plant varies from season to season.

Where to Buy Rare Succulents?

These plants are so unique and beautiful that everybody is tempted to grow them but as they are very rare succulents, so they are not very easily available everywhere. Some of you may find them offline in nearest Walmart or keeping up with the trend many nearby nurseries have also introduced these succulent.

If you have a problem buying them offline then you can buy them from the following sites, these sites have amazing quality and offer affordable prices. The icing on the cake is that these sites introduce various offers from time to time.


Succulents are everyone’s favorite, some like them because of their unique structures, some like them because of their vibrant flowers. Planting succulents have become the latest trend and we have already discussed low light, hanging succulents in the past and today we discussed the most fascinating ones; the rare succulents.

We also discussed about the places where you can buy these rare plants.

We hope you really liked the article and now you too want to try growing one of them. Do share your experience with us and let us know if you have any queries relating to succulents.

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