15 Hanging Succulents That Look Would Adorable In Your Home

Succulents are beautiful looking plants, no matter how you keep them indoor or hang them outdoor they will embellish the stretch they are in. Succulents are currently in trend among new age gardeners due to its adaptive nature. If you ask me, since childhood I am truly fascinated with hanging succulents these cute little plants hanging in beautiful baskets making my balcony look more appealing. I use to jump as high as I could so that I could touch its long attractive trails.

Now a day’s not just outdoor these hanging plants are making the home décor look more alluring, you just hang them in your rooms corner and they will only ask for water once a week.

Growing succulents is not only easy but also beneficial for us; here we have listed down few benefits which will attract you to give growing succulents a deep thought.

  • Purifies air – These plants remove toxins present in the air and emit purified fresh air.
  • Low Maintenance Plant – Succulents are very low maintenance plant, they don’t require much care, as they can tolerate mostly all situations and will thrive well.
  • Attractive – Succulents are not only easy to maintain but they look beautiful as well thus making your home look more attractive and inviting.
  • Adds oxygen to the environment – These plants are systematic in oxygen production in the environment. They remove all the harmful toxins and make the environment healthy.
  • Succulents help in skin care – Succulents like Aloe Vera can be used for skin care as these leaves are very fleshy and gel present inside the leaves have very medicinal value, which can cure skin problems and diseases.
  • Prevent Diseases – Succulents like snake plants prevents many diseases, if one keeps these plants on their work desk then they improve concentration and prevents flu and other diseases.

There are many types and variety of succulents and here we have listed down 15 best hanging succulent which you can give a try to live a much healthier life.

15 Best Hanging Succulents for a Healthier Life & Pretty Living Room

String of bananas

This plant has beautiful banana like leaves, it has long strings that looks amazing when hanged in the balcony these strings can reach up to 5- 7 inches long. They have thicker stem which makes them less intricate.
String of banana propagates very fast; these are drought resistant plant so you only need to water them when their soil gets dry. They need special care in winters, so one should avoid frequent watering.

Little Pickles

hanging succulents

Little Pickles also known as Othonna capensis is a slow growing plant with pickle shaped blue green leaves which can make an appealing entry into your garden or balcony.

Their growth is increased on its own once winters are here, their yellow color daisy like flower blooms and look pretty, though it doesn’t need much watering but in winters it needs little extra watering just to soak and let the leaves grow. There height grows up to 4 inches tall.

String of Heart

This plant is also known as Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii. This native of South Africa is a no maintenance plant, as name depicts its leaves are heart shaped and look extremely shiny and beautiful. The height of this plant can go up to 10 cm; its sun kissed leaves are of green color and can become pale green if not watered properly.

This is the most famous hanging plant as its long trails look very pretty hanging down from the basket. For a healthy plant one should take care of its water requirement as it should be watered only when it is required.

Burro’s Tail, Sedum morganianum

Growing burro’s tail in your house can be enchanting; this different yet beautiful looking plant can grow its tail till 4 ft. The leaves of this plant are of green color with blue shade, generally the leaves of these plants are filled with lots of water therefore this plants weighs very heavy.
This drought resistant plant has thick stem and plaited leaves, which easily thrives in low light, but once after planting it should be kept in full sun for first few days and then can be kept in a well drained container or pot to ensure proper drainage.

Ponytail Palm

This slow growing plant is also known as Beaucarnea recurvata, it is one of the easy growing succulent with thick brown stem and free flowing long tail like leaves. They store water therefore ones to water them on a weekly basis. A beautiful and elegant addition to your balcony this plant doesn’t require full sunlight and can thrive in low light areas. Planted indoors leaves can reach up to 2-4 ft long.

String of pearls

String of pearls is another easy to great plant which looks beautiful when hanged because of its fleshy pea shaped foliage which resembles to the pearl necklace. This plant is a great option but needs special care; this plant can die if it is kept in direct sunlight. The pearls will start looking thinner and stem will die. Also watering it needs attention as this plants needs thick soil which keeps it moist for long time, therefore water only if required.

Hylotelephium sieboldii

This plant does not spread much; it trails goes down from the center till 3-4 inches. It green and purple round leaves have pretty pink flower clusters at the end. It is also known as October Daphne, it does not need much sunlight to grow, they needs not much watering if planted indoors, outdoor planted plant may be more frequent watering. These plants are more famous for decorating as dining table center piece.

String of Nickels

This plant has to be on this list and can be said as best looking succulent. String of nickels has nickel sized i.e. coin sized leaves of gray green color which look amazing hanging from a string. This plant can tolerate direct sunlight but only for very short duration, it has very tiny yellow color flower which one fail to notice.
One should make sure to keep this plant moist as this requires proper water to flourish.

Kenya Hyacinth

This plant has long leaves of green color with dark green stripes, its flower are of whitish pink color. Always remember to water these plants only when it’s necessary, don’t keep the soil too soggy. These plants can easily tolerate bright sunlight but they prefer low sunlight to thrive, too much sunlight can make their edges turn pale yellow.

In winters it needs special attention as they need to be saved from cold, one should only water it when required in winters. The flowers of these plants have pleasant fragrance of hyacinth at night.

Hoya Compacta

This plant is also known as krinkle curl or hindu hoya plant, leaves of these plants have star like shape and waxy texture. Leaves differ in shape and color, this plant have twisted strings which looks attractive and appealing.

Even if you plant them indoor, these plant needs at least few hours of sunlight on a daily basis. This plant is very interesting and has very distinguishing features which make this plant stand out in hanging succulents list.

Fish hook Seneico

This plant is also known as Grey fish hook seneico, this plank is very alike to string of bananas one could only mark the difference is by the shape of the leaves. The string of banana has banana shaped thick leaves whereas this plan has comparatively flatter leaves just like fish hooks.
Leaves are of green color and fleshy inside. These plants needs proper draining soil and avoid direct sunlight, one need to water them only when the soil is dry. Its long strings look very beautiful hanging down from the basket.

Calico Kitten

These are very nice colorful plants to hang in your garden; calico kitten is also known as Crassula Pellucida Variegata. The most intriguing thing about these plants is their heart shaped leaves which are of different beautiful colors, their color range from oink, purple, white and green. They also have beautiful white flowers which bloom in summers; they should be planted in well drained soil and should be watered when the soil is dry.

Aporocactus Flagelliformis

The other plant which is making into the list is Aporocactus Flagelliformis which is also known as rat tail cactus. This plant has long 4-5 ft tube shaped trails which hangs down and look woolly due to its spikes. These plants have bright pink color flowers which looks beautiful while hanging. They need well drained soil which should be moist in summers and dry in winters. They always need very bright light to thrive.

Sedum sieboldii

This plant is also known as the October Daphne, these are good drought resistant plants which have round green fleshy leaves which has a very interesting fountain like shape with purple outline border. These plants have small cluster of flowers which are mostly of pink, white and yellow color. These plants needs we drained soil and grow up to 8-10 inches. They thrive well in summers and need to be watered more often in the season.

Hildewintera Colademononis

This plant is also known as monkeys’ tail due to its stem shape. The light green color stem of this plant has monkeys tail like structure which fuzzy spines. These plants grow upward at first and then trail downwards and grow up to 8-10 ft long. These plants have beautiful red color flowers; they can tolerate bright sunlight and need well drained soil to grow.

Things to take care for hanging succulents

Succulents are very low maintenance plants, and they don’t need anyone to keep looking after them, but having said that, one need to take care of few points to make them thrive while hanging.

  • Water is the most important aspect related to hanging succulents, one should scale the level of watering. As they are hanging outdoor, exposed to sunlight hence they will absorb water more quickly which will lead to making to making the soil dry. Therefore, it is very essential to keep the soil moist and water them as many times as they need in summers.
  • Try planting as many plant of the same type it can accommodate in the basket to make them thrive easily and look more attractive.
  • Soil is the other important point which one should take care. Hanging plants needs moist soil so make sure to keep it moist at all times.
  • They need to be protected in the rainy season as over watering can rot the plants.
  • They may also be hungry in summer season so you can add some fertilizers so they flourish healthy.
  • The baskets which you choose should not have good drainage and should not be very extensive.


Succulents are in anyway beneficial for everybody; they not only look attractive but have many other benefits. Let’s have a quick recap of the things we just discussed.

  • We disused how succulents can fit in any space and make it look good.
  • We also discussed about the benefits of planting these succulents.
  • Furthermore, we suggested here few hanging succulents which can make you home look more inviting.
  • Few tips and tricks to take care of hanging succulents.

Growing them is easy and fun, do try planting one of these and let us know your experience so that we can add more tips to the list. Or even if you have any query regarding any problem you are facing then do let us know.

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