15 Low Light Succulents that You Can Even Grow at Night

Succulents! We all know and have seen them here and there in beautiful pots and container arrangements, but most of us are still unaware about what they are actually called.

The word “succulent” is derived from the Latin word succus, which means juice. Succulents are plants which have thick fleshy leaves, and can store lots of water in its various structures like stems, roots or leaves.

These days, to a great extent people are getting into house gardening. Mostly, people love to plant these succulents, because the best thing about these plants is that they don’t need much supervision as they are drought resistant. They store lots of water and nutrients in their leaves, therefore, they do not need regular watering like any other house plant.

Generally, succulents thrive in bright light or at least they need a medium light to flourish well. Though they are very adaptive but you may notice stems stretching abnormally, leaves changing color or detrimental branches coming up, these are signs that they lack adequate sunlight. There are some succulents which thrive in the shade, but in that case they too need some amount of daily sunlight. Then what about lot of us who don’t have much sunlight at their place, i.e., who don’t get sufficient sunlight from the front. Here we jot down few low light succulents which can be grown in minimum light.

Snake Plant

 Snake plant is the most famous succulent among all the gardeners as it is very adaptable, one can keep it in any room and it will thrive beautifully in low light. This plant can be called as a best grown indoor plant due to its air cleansing trait. Snake plant is known by its various names like Sansevieria trifasciata or mother-in-law’s tongue.

These plants have dark green strappy leaves with a light green border; grow upwards with sword like edgy tip and curvy structure that’s why they are known as snake plants. The leaves of these plants can grow up to 12-14 inches; it is a low maintenance plant as one needs to water it only on a monthly basis.

Kalanchoe tomentosa

Easy to propagate, this plant is also known as panda plant, it has velvety feel, dark reddish brown edges with furry hair. A native of Madagascar; its fleshy leaves can grow up to 2-3 ft tall and can easily thrive in low sunlight, moreover one need to save it from direct sunlight.

If you are a beginner in succulents then this plant is a great starting point as it is a very low maintenance plant and needs watering, a little only when its soil gets completely dry. Its leaves once cut can grow back easily and can multiply itself.

Jade Plant

Jade plant also known as Crassula ovate, this plant keeps its structure and texture intact in low sunlight. Its color may vary from green to red depending upon the amount of sunlight. Jade plant can be easily spotted in offices and rooms as this plant is regarded as the symbol of luck.

This plant can die if over watered, but the best part of this plant is that it can grow back even if all its leaves have fallen. This plant breeds well in any climate, but one need to take care about changing the soil every 2-3 years.

Haworthia attenuate

This plant is from South Africa and is from aloe family, its leaves are same like aloe just have zebra like stripes that why it is also known as zebra cactus. These are very slow growing plant therefore they can be easily decorated on any table or room side.

This plant effortlessly thrives in low light condition but it needs lot of water. This foliage plant has thick fleshy leaves which grow like a bouquet. Cut on the leaves are healed with time once dried completely.


Rhipsalis is a group member of the cacti family. This plant generally gets it moisture from air and grows on the surface of other plants, although they live on other plants but they never damage them in any way. It has bristling leaves growing in every direction. Exposure to too much sunlight can burn its leaves; these plants are generally found in tropical rain forests therefore it doesn’t require full sunlight to maintain its structure. This plant needs regular watering; these plants look beautiful in hanging pots.

Holiday Cacti

Holiday cacti also known as Schlumbergera, depending on their flowering season these plants are given names like Christmas, Easter, thanks giving. This is a genus of cacti with other species, its stem shape resembles the shape of cacti which are joined one on to the other and then flower blossom at the end of the tip.

The flower of this plant has beautiful red, pink and white color. This plant easily maintains its shape in indirect sunlight or low light therefore can be called as a perfect addition to the table of your living room.

Cotyledon Tomentosa

This plant has bear’s paw like leaves that’s why this is also known as bears paw. This plant has satiny feel with teeth at the edge, flower of this plant are bell shaped. This plant needs low supervision and can easily thrive in low light; it needs water like any other succulent but very little water in the winters.  

Burro’s Tail, Sedum morganianum

Growing burro’s tail in your house can be enchanting; this different yet beautiful looking plant can grow its tail till 4 ft. The leaves of this plant are of green color with blue shade, generally the leaves of these plants are filled with lots of water therefore this plants weighs very heavy.

This drought resistant plant has thick stem and plaited leaves, which easily thrives in low light, but once after planting it should be kept in full sun for first few days and then can be kept in a well drained container or pot to ensure proper drainage.

Aloe vera

low light succulents

Aloe vera can be a best addition in your house plant list. This plant needs no care and flourishes well even in low light. This plant has chunky sword like tall green leaves, its leaves store lots of water and can heal itself from cut once completely dry. As its leaves lots of water therefore one need not to water it very often. Aloe Vera has many purposes; moreover it has now been given medicinal value.

Ponytail Palm

This slow growing plant is also known as Beaucarnea recurvata, it is one of the easy growing succulent with thick brown stem and free flowing long tail like leaves. They store water therefore ones to water them on a weekly basis. A beautiful and elegant addition to your balcony this plant doesn’t require full sunlight and can thrive in low light areas. Planted indoors leaves can reach up to 2-4 ft long.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia mostly known as zz plant is a great choice for decorating the corners of your offices or homes. ZZ plant needs rest to stand once they become tall, this plant is drought resistant and do not need much care, this is the reason why it is becoming so famous among the gardeners. It has dark green waxy leaves which look beautiful.

This plant can tolerate mostly any condition even low sunlight, but should be kept away from direct sunlight. There is only one negative thing about this plant and that is that this plant is poisonous and has toxins which can affect pets and even humans to some extent.


This native of South Africa, has comprises of diverse range of household plants. These plants have mostly pastel color leaves and are irregular in touch; being very closely packed these plant can fit into any small size container. They can easily survive in low light moreover too much sunlight can make their color turn yellow. Leaves have water storing tissues just like any other succulent they do not require too much watering.


This alluring plant is also known as staghorn or elkhorn ferns, it has leafy fronds and loves to grown is airy environment. They don’t need much sunlight to thrive, make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight. These epiphytic plants soak up water from their fronds, one need to water them only once a week or check if they require watering.

Spider Plant

Spider plant also known as chlorophytum comosum, this plant can be planted in a regular potting soil. Spider plant is the easiest succulent to grow as a houseplant; it has long green leaves and has grass like plant which swing out from the mother plant. This grass like plants has white flowers at the end which blooms in the spring. These plants need low sunlight and needs less care to thrive. Spider plant leaves can grow up to two- three feet

Euphorbia milii

This plant is also known as Christ plant; it has oval dark green leaves and brown color thorn on the shoots and can easily thrive in low light. These plants have pretty pink, red color flowers that grow once they are kept in direct sunlight. Christ plant can grow up to 2-3 feet tall; this plant is called the Christ plant because Christ worn crown made of these plants during his crucifixion.

Tips to succeed with low light succulents

  • The first and most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right type of succulent, as not all succulent can thrive in shade or low light.
  • Make sure to water the plants from time to time but not very often because they will not be exposed to direct sunlight so the excess water will not get absorbed. Water only when required.
  • Selected plants can thrive in low light but they will not thrive without light. So even if you plant them indoor, do keep them near the window for some time.
  • Proper drainage is very important, be careful with the container you are choosing. Do choose the container with proper drainage holes.
  • Succulents store water and nutrient in their leaves or stems so they don’t need fertilizer but it is always good to introduce fertilizers once a month or as required.


Succulents are the most amazing thing which one could add into their home. Let’s take a quick recap of the things which we explored here.

  • We discussed about what are succulents
  • How they are drought resistant
  • How much light they need to thrive
  • What are the succulents we can grow in low light
  • Some tips about their survival in low light

We hope now you are ready to grow succulents even with low sunlight. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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