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African Gardenia Plant

African Gardenia Plant: A Comprehensive Guide to Growing and Caring for Mitriostigma axillare

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the African gardenia plant (Mitriostigma axillare), an exotic, fragrant evergreen shrub native to Africa. Discover the plant’s characteristics, ideal growing conditions, and the various aspects of African gardenia care, including watering, fertilization, pest management, and more. Learn how to propagate the plant through seeds, cuttings, or air layering, and explore its potential uses in landscaping. Finally, find answers to frequently asked questions about this stunning plant, ensuring its successful growth and maintenance in your garden or landscape.

Bromeliad Soil

Bromeliad Soil Guide: Master the Art of Caring for Your Plants

Table of Contents Introduction to Bromeliads About Bromeliad Plants Types of Bromeliads: Epiphytic and Terrestrial Bromeliad Soil Requirements Creating the Perfect Bromeliad Potting Mix Potting Your Bromeliad Plant Watering and Fertilizing Bromeliads Preventing Root Rot Bromeliad Propagation and Care Frequently Asked Questions – Bromeliad Soil Introduction Bromeliads are unique, tropical plants that belong to the …

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How To Transplant Bromeliad Plants

How To Transplant Bromeliads

Bromeliads are flowering plants that are native to places with tropical or subtropical climates. Among the most common types of bromeliads are guzmania, aechmea, neoregelia, vriesea, and pineapple. People usually get a bromeliad plant to serve as a decorative element in their home. As the plant blooms, growers eventually have to learn how to transplant …

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How To Care For An Orchid

How To Care For Orchids

Orchids are non-woody plants that have been globally cultivated for their beautiful flowers. Like all other houseplants, orchids need certain environmental conditions and other important inputs. Considering these, beginners find it difficult to keep the orchid alive. Read on as this guide will help you how to care for orchids properly. How to Identify Your …

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Christmas Cactus Soil

Christmas Cactus Soil – What To Use

Christmas Cactus – genus schlumbergera The Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera Bridgesii) is a plant that is gaining in popularity.  It’s beautiful blooms add variety to any plant collection.  This houseplant captures the hearts of many during the long winter months.  The Christmas cactus needs long nights of 14 hours of dark in order to bloom.  The …

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Christmas Cactus Troubleshooting

Christmas Cactus Problems and Concerns and Troubleshooting

A Christmas cactus is typically found in a tropical rainforest.  They actually aren’t even located on the ground, but up in the trees.  They natively grow without soil if you can believe it. Their grow medium is generally old decayed leaves and branches.  How cool is that? Since they grow up in the tree branches, …

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